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  1. Lex2flex · March 15, 2016

    Happy birthday to Kathleen Creasap!

  2. Alyssa Conn · March 22, 2016

    Happy birthday Charmeka Martin from Alyssa Conn your favorite

  3. Bobbie · May 3, 2016

    Happy birthday Jake, you’re amazing!

  4. Kathleen · May 15, 2016

    Happy over the weekend sweet 16th birthday to Olivia Huddleston from Kathleen and Kyky

  5. James Legue · October 14, 2016

    Happy birthday to me on october 17

  6. Alexa · October 25, 2016

    I want to let everyone know that the choir is having a concert tomorrow night (Oct. 26) the doors open at 7:10 and the concert doesn’t start until 7:30

  7. Megan Ohrman · November 14, 2016

    I would like to wish a happy sweet 16 to my best friend Jasmine Kupisch over the weekend!!

  8. Anonymous · November 21, 2016

    Say happy birthday to gabby for Friday

  9. ABU · December 6

    Happy birthday Lauren Biddison have a good day

  10. ABU · December 7

    Happy birthday Eric

  11. Zach · December 14

    Happy birthday Dany Reyes

  12. Anom · January 18

    Happy 18th birthday to Tara lyday on January 19th

  13. Preston Long · January 18

    Happy Birthday to my friend Tara Lyday.

  14. Megan · January 24

    I love Wesley’s world and the finding the cougar videos! They are super cool!

  15. Dalt Maddy Sunny · January 24

    Happy Birthday Kyla Meme Queen Ward

  16. Bob · January 24

    I love Wesley’s world. Lots of students and teachers think it’s hilarious.. It definitely should not be canceled!

  17. Elliott · January 25

    Wesleys World is the only reason I watch the Growl… it helps me cope with my failing grades

  18. Megan · January 25

    Wesley’s world is awesome!

  19. Trey · January 26

    Wesley’s World is an important and valuable part of Westland’s culture. Wesley Walker is perfectly displaying his first amendment rights. He is enriching the student body by expressing what he feels is wrong with today’s society (Even if it doesn’t make sense). #SaveWesleysWorld

  20. Megan · January 26


  21. Zoe · January 26


  22. Taylor · January 26

    Watching wesleys world is the best thing about second period

  23. Chris White · January 26


  24. The director · January 26

    Save Wesley’s World

  25. anon · January 26

    Just do the stuff

  26. Concernedkid2017 · January 26

    Where’s Wesley’s World going?

  27. Anonymous · January 26

    just do the stuff, and save wesley’s world!!-lady in the erc

  28. John · January 26

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SAVE WESLEY’S WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. unknown · January 26

    i love wesleys world with a passion! 5 stars

  30. unknown · January 26

    wesley’s world is awesome. i’m towards to seeing more videos

  31. SadDepressedBean99 · January 26


  32. unknown · January 26

    2017 is a great year because of wesley’s world

  33. Anon · January 26


  34. wesley's mom · January 26


  35. Flynn · January 26

    Wesley’s World should not be cancelled because it makes me laugh when I want to just go back to sleep!

  36. Dalton · January 26

    Wesley really enjoys Wesley’s world! He is so happy!

  37. Anonymous · January 26

    Wesley’s world is like such an entertainment to watch.. It’s very hilarious and the topics are sooooo relatable! Dorf… Be kind and save that Wesley’s world show… BTW.. Love the growl so much! (I don’t want to give my name.. But I guess I’ll join the hashtag #Savewesleysworld

  38. Lesley · January 26

    Wesley’s world is probably the best thing that has ever happened on the growl! #Savewesleysworld

  39. ... · January 28

    #SaveWesleys’sWorld!!!!!!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    • Nicole · January 31

      Wesley’s world is such an inspiration. It’s the only thing that is getting me through high school.

  40. Nicole · January 31

    Forget Woey 2020, here comes Nesley 2017

  41. Anonymous · January 31

    What’s the deal with Wesley’s World? It’s the best thing on the Growl since at least the early 2000s. It is what the world needs right now in these dark times.

    More importantly what is the deal with this website? How is this the most efficient way to communicate with your audience? Can that be Wesley’s first topic upon his return?

    Just let them make more Wesley’s World. #SaveWesley’sWorld #RESIST

  42. A cocerned citizen · January 31

    #wesleyzworld saved my life. We need to bring back wesleys world. #quality wesley be makin moves and yall gonna deny his dreams like that s m h 😷😷😷😷😤😤 #WESLEYSWORLD

  43. Anonymous · February 9


  44. dalton · April 21

    Hppy late birthday anna banana

  45. Tatum · October 15

    Happy birthday Dominick Hughes from Tatum

  46. Chris Berry · 28 Days Ago

    Happy Birthday to Brianna Pyles,from all your besties

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